Parys Impact MTB Series

Imagine an asteroid the size of Table Mountain, heading for Earth at an estimated speed of 20 km per second. This is what happened in the Free State 2 Billion years ago. On impact, it created a crater around 160–300 km across. The meteorite impact is the oldest and largest known meteorite impact structure on earth which is still visible today.

Known as the Vredefort Dome, it is declared a world heritage site and the perfect setting for mountain bike racing. The route follows the banks of the third largest river in South Africa, the Vaal River. The non-technical gravel route is in perfect condition thanks to the local farmers.

Riders can expect a wide range of scenery and challenges in our new 4 part series, Impact.

The race is gravel bike friendly.

Series Dates:

4 March
17 June
16 July
2 September

Event Date: 16 July 2023

Start Time: 07H00

Distances & Entry fee:

60Km - R250 Marked Route
84Km - R300 Marked Route
129Km - R350 GPS - Navigation only
167Km - R400 GPS - Navigation only

Fully Stocked Water Points:

60Km - 3
84Km - 3
129Km - 4


Event Courtesy of

Parys Impact MTB Series
Start Date: 16 July, 2023
End Date: 16 July, 2023
Venue: Thabela Thabeng